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About us

What is NYUAD Design?

NYUAD DESIGN is the community of design in, from, and around New York University Abu Dhabi.

It encompasses Prof. Goffredo Puccetti’s research practice, the Visual Design Lab (C3-112) in the NYUAD Arts Center, the Design Minor, and all the design work of student and faculty not only in the Design Program, but also in engineering, science, humanities, and more.
These many threads of design work converge into a thriving community, culture, and practice around design at NYUAD.

What's on this site?

NYUAD DESIGN is a lot of things – but this website in particular is a collection of some of the best design work and thinking done at New York University Abu Dhabi.

‍Our archives are a portfolio of projects across many disciplines, including logo design, typography, identity design, poster design, and some unclassifiable experiments.

‍Our essays collate the best writing on design done by students and faculty, providing a range of perspectives, analyses, and experiences.

Lastly, our events bring in many friends of NYUAD Design from all around the world to share their knowledge, expertise, and passion for the craft to our design community.

Why NYUAD Design?

NYUAD Design is distinctive – it's not just design work by design students at NYUAD.

From its beginnings, design at NYUAD has been done by everyone, anywhere, for themselves and their community. It's marked by a willingness to dive into new territory, a focus on projects with real consequences, a celebration of diverse, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary approaches, and a strong connection with the wider community.

Thus, NYUAD Design exists to capture design activity beyond just the Arts and Arts History Program and the formally offered Design Minor. It includes work, words, and events done in other disciplines like engineering, other offices like Student Life, and other contexts like independent student projects.

"These many threads of design work converge into a thriving community, culture, and practice around design at NYUAD."

How can I get involved?

This site is a continuous and experimental work in progress, compiled by students and managed by the NYUAD Art & Art History Program.

If you want to get involved or have a project to add, email us at We want to hear from you!

The team & community

Goffredo Puccetti

Visual Design Lab Director

Goffredo Puccetti is an Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the A&H Visual Design Lab at NYUAD. The first faculty of Visual Design at NYUAD, he has designed courses on topics such as Cross-cultural design, Calligraphy and Type Design, Brand Identity, Wayfinding, and inclusive design. Read more

Erin Collins

Visual Design Lab Manager

Erin Collins (née Meekhof) is a visual designer, researcher, and educator. She holds a BA in Visual Art and in Cognitive Science from New York University Abu Dhabi and an MFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art. Erin currently works as an Instructor of the Arts in Design in New York University Abu Dhabi's Arts & Humanities division. Read more

Tonya Zhang

Design Lab Student Assistant

Tonia Zhang is a fourth-year student at NYU Abu Dhabi studying Visual Arts born in China, raised in Russia. Her professional interest is in graphic design with a focus on visual identity systems, web design, and print/editorial.

Pauline Wee

Design Lab Editorial Assistant

Pauline Wee is a product designer, developer, and multidisciplinary creative currently studying Computer Science at NYU Abu Dhabi. She's the founder and president of The Design Collective and User Experience Abu Dhabi, and she helped build this site!

Design Lab Student Assistants (Past)
Friends of NYUAD Design
The Visual Design Lab

The Visual Design Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab that explores the intersection of visual communication with accessibility, cognition, philosophy, policy, and culture. The lab fosters collaboration between the Arts and Humanities, other NYUAD departments, and local and international partners. By means of its agile interventions on campus, cutting-edge research, and publications, the Visual Design Lab seeks to establish itself as a recognized leader in the region for scholarship on the impact of design practice. Read more

C3-112, Second Floor of the Arts Center
New York University Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat District, Abu Dhabi