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Upcoming: Transit Mapping Symposium

NYUAD Design is the community of design in, from, and around New York University Abu Dhabi. It encompasses Prof. Goffredo Puccetti’s research practice, the Visual Design Lab (C3-112) in the NYUAD Arts Center, the Design Minor, and all the awesome design work of student and faculty designers not only in the Design Program, but also in engineering, science, humanities, and more.

This website is a student-curated digital archive of much of that work, including events, past projects, student essays, and more.
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Transit Mapping Symposium 2024

February 28-March 1, 2024
NYUAD Campus

The Transit Mapping Symposium is a yearly international gathering of transport networks professionals, a unique opportunity to share achievements, challenges and vision.Our participants and speakers include experts from all fields of the industry:

  • Mapmakers
  • Network Operators
  • Transport Authorities
  • Digital Platforms
  • Designers

This 5th edition of the Symposium will take place over 3 days in 2 cities:

2 days in ABU DHABI at the New York University Abu Dhabi (28-29 February 2024)

1 day in DUBAI at the UITP MENA (1 March 2024)



Professor Goffredo Puccetti at DDX

March 2, 2024

At Dubai's DDX Innovation & UX Conference, Professor Goffredo will discuss the future of education in design and innovation in a panel with Jonathan Steingiesser, Anna Batchelder, and Hani Asfour.


Calligraphy Workshop with Wissam Shawkat

March 2024

The Types of Art course, taught by Professor Goffredo Puccetti, will host a 3-day workshop on Arabic calligraphy with renowned calligrapher and artist Wissam Shawkat. Selected members of the community may join by invitation.

Learn more about Shawkat Here:

Manufacturing Value: Inclusivity, Innovation, Sustainability

March 5th, 2024, 6:00 PM
Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi


The Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi will host architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, the ambassador of Italian design to the UAE, for a talk on this year's theme. Massimo Iosa Ghini, prominent figure in Italian design history, will showcase numerous projects undertaken in Italy and around the world. Goffredo Puccetti, associate professor at New York University Abu Dhabi, will introduce Iosa Ghini and highlight his significant role in the field of design. Roberto Fabbri, associate professor at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, will conclude with a summary on the various contributions.

During the Italian Design Day event, the Institute's halls will also host the exhibition "100 Vases", showcasing the history of Italian vases from the 20th and 21st centuries. Created in collaboration with the publishing house SKIRA, the project aims to narrate the design evolution of Italian vases over the past century, reflecting both historical influences and contemporary challenges.