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Design Works Exhibition at 19 Washington Square North

NYUAD Design is the community of design in, from, and around New York University Abu Dhabi. It encompasses Prof. Goffredo Puccetti’s research practice, the Visual Design Lab (C3-112) in the NYUAD Arts Center, the Design Minor, and all the awesome design work of student and faculty designers not only in the Design Program, but also in engineering, science, humanities, and more.

This website is a student-curated digital archive of much of that work, including events, past projects, student essays, and more.
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Journeys into Arabic Calligraphy with Wissam Shawkat

March 27, 3:35–6:15 PM; March 29, 5:00-6:15 PM; April 3, 3:35–6:15 PM; and April 5, 5:00-6:15 PM
Visual Design Lab, C3-112

Wissam Shawkat will be presenting a four-day workshop on Arabic calligraphy in the Types of Art class, with very limited seats open to community guests. Shawkat is an award-winning artist, calligrapher, and designer based in Dubai. His calligraphies range from the monumental ones in Dubai’s Etihad Museum to the small ones on the dials of Rolex watches. In 2003 he created his eponymous Arabic script Al Wissam. His ‘calligraforms’ have been displayed in artgalleries all over the world. Secure your place by contacting

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