Visual Design Lab Academic Year in Review 2023-2024



  • Student Batool Al Tameemi won the contest for a new logo for Abu Dhabi Art
  • The program acquired a Risograph duplicator to expand the possibilities of design and printmaking
  • The Visual Design Lab (C3-112) underwent a renovation that doubled the seating space and provided several new work and seminar spaces
  • Student assistant Pauline Wee redesigned the NYUAD.DESIGN website
  • The students of the Wayfinding class presented proposals to EDF Middle East to engage Gen Z with energy reduction and sustainable practices
  • Students of the Design Collective visited the show “Journeys of a Letter” by Wissam Shawkat at the Sharjah Museum of Calligraphy
  • 2024 graduates from the NYUAD Design community included Jason Cruz, Megan Marzolf, Alima Kobenova, Marta Pienkosz, and Roudhah Al Mazrouei


  • The CITIES Research Center and NYUAD Design hosted the fifth edition of the Transit Mapping Symposium, bringing over sixty experts in mapping, transit, and wayfinding together to share their expertise
  • Calligrapher Wissam Shawkat held a three-day calligraphy workshop for the students of Types of Art
  • Arabic design scholar Haytham Nawar lectured in the Foundation of Graphic Design Class
  • Student assistant Pauline Wee hosted a microzine-making workshop as part of the university's Wellbeing Week initiative
  • Instructor Erin Collins gave an Illustrator workshop for the student body in collaboration with the Design Collective Student Interest Group
  • Instructor Erin Collins gave an portfolio workshop for the Arts Proxy Program in collaboration with the Career Development Center
  • The play “La Lezione di Teatro / The Acting Class,” co-written by faculty Goffredo Puccetti, had a two day sold-out performances at the Junction Dubai


  • Faculty Goffredo Puccetti wrote the main essay for the show “Black and White” of the calligrapher Wissam Shawkat, Mestaria Gallery, Dubai
  • Faculty Goffredo Puccetti was an invited speaker at the Iconic Representation Conference, NYUAD (January 2024)
  • Goffredo Puccetti was an invited speaker at DDX Dubai 2024 on the Future of Design Education
  • Christo Award-winning sculpture “Urban Fabric” was installed permanently at Abu Dhabi Rabdan Marina
  • Further user research and prototype development was conducted on the convertible abaya project by student assistants Megan Marzolf, Varvara Snitko, and Maitha Alshamshi
  • Goffredo Puccetti, Erin Collins, and Marta Pienkosz designed bespoke posters as gifts for each author included in the symposium The City and the Writer: A Global Gathering, hosted by Nathalie Handal
  • Inspired by students in the Foundations of Graphic Design class, instructor Erin Collins designed the poster for the student fall production, Ikwe Na Odu
  • Student assistant Marta Pienkosz designed the poster for a workshop by Noh drama master Naohiko Umewaka
  • The NYUAD Library curated an exhibition of in-house design done for theater at NYUAD
  • Faculty Goffredo Puccetti named and designed the logo of Visibility Certainty Conference ’24: A quest for dark and quiet skies; April 2024, New York University Abu Dhabi. Convened by: Simonetta Di Pippo, Andrea V. Macciò


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