Microzines Workshop

Pauline Wee
Publication Design

Hosted in the Mixed Media Studio at the Arts Center, the workshop took place on February 26th from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Pauline guided participants through the four-fold process of crafting microzines, encouraging them to add personal touches with coloring and decorating materials of their choice. The event was part of the NYUAD Staff Council's efforts to promote wellbeing and creative expression within the university community. Through hands-on participation, attendees had the opportunity to explore their artistic interests and connect with fellow members of the NYUAD community in a supportive environment.

The NYUAD Wellbeing Week featured a Microzines workshop led by Pauline Wee, the NYUAD Design Archive Editorial Assistant. The event aimed to provide attendees with an opportunity to destress and engage in the art of making mini-magazines from a single piece of paper. Participants learned the basics of creating zines for various purposes, including personal gifts, artistic explorations, or how-to guides. The workshop emphasized inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all skill levels to join in the creative process.


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