Interactive Media Capstone and Showcase Posters

Multiple Designers

Every semester, the Interactive Media Department presents a series of posters to advertise its capstone exhibition and student project showcase. These posters, crafted with care, provide a visual glimpse into the department's achievements. From Skye Gao's Fall 2019 flyer to Rock Hyung Kang's 2022 design and Jiho Choi's 2024 rendition, each poster reflects the essence of its respective semester. Tonia Zhang's Fall 2021 flyer and Thais Alvarenga's Spring 2023 design contribute their unique styles to the collection. Even past showcases, like Maria Mirabelli's Spring 2017 flyers, showcase the department's ongoing dedication to excellence. With each new poster, the department's legacy of innovation continues, generating anticipation for future displays of interactive media brilliance.


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