Benjamin Pang
Product Design

Pang focused on hacking toy EEG headbands, such as those found in Mindflex, by rewiring them with Arduino. This allowed real-time brain readings to be transmitted to software like OpenFrameworks or Processing. The primary objective was to create an interactive installation that not only responded to the viewer's brain activity but also produced output affecting multiple senses simultaneously.

This innovative two-way interaction aimed to empower users to control the artwork while influencing their own mental state through a distinctive form of mindful meditation.

"Encephaloprints" was exhibited in Spring 2022 as an interactive installation where generative visuals react in real-time to the brain activity recorded by an EEG headset. The project delves into the diverse mental states individuals experience throughout the day, influenced by external and internal stimuli. It provides users with a unique opportunity to visualize the distinct patterns of each person's mind, offering insight into the typically unseen flow of mental states expressed through dynamic generative visuals.

Benjamin Pang, an Interactive Media student at NYU Abu Dhabi, presented "Encephaloprints" as part of his Interactive Media Capstone in Spring 2022. The project involved repurposing a toy EEG headband for applications in generative and installation art.

EEG, a non-invasive method to measure brain electrical activity, has become accessible for enthusiasts due to consumer-grade technologies like meditation monitoring tools and brain-training games.


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