Do You See Me? Digital Art Exhibition

Artist Murtaza Raza, curated by Goffredo Puccetti

Artist statement: "Since the age of 16 months, I have had Spastic Quadriplegia that affects all four limbs, both my arms, and legs which means I am unable to use them.With the side of my wrist, I scroll a rollerball mouse to click on an on-screen keyboard to do all my art and writing. Almost all my work is done lying on my left-hand side using my right wrist with my laptop in front of me. Even though I am non-verbal my art and writing speak for me. I realize my disabilities give me a unique perspective on the world and my art and writing enable me to express my viewpoint.I use images from nature that inspire me and the everyday environment that surrounds me.I am a keen observer of life and use my feelings and imagination in my creations."

Artist Murtaza (Taz) Raza presented his digital artwork on December 9 and 10, 2022, in the Arts Center Visual Design Lab (C3-112).

Murtaza Raza, known as Taz, is a 26-year-old digital artist and poet of determination. Born in Ireland, raised in England, and now living in Abu Dhabi for the past 8 years, Taz carries many influences and the richness of many cultures. As an active part of the NYUAD community, Taz has written lyrics and poems that artists at the university have recorded and performed over the years.

His poetry has been performed at the spoken word event Rooftop Rhythms for which he recently won an award. His inspiration comes from everyday life with his unique and open outlook. He cares deeply about mother Earth and all it entails and about the state of our natural habitat. Taz expresses the need for balance in human life and emotions of suffering, love, beauty, joy, and the cycle of nature, birth, and death. His work conveys a strong sense of emotion. There is a great charm, purity, wisdom, and humour in his work which helps the viewer make an immediate connection. This inaugural exhibition showcased works from the last four years.


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