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Under Pauline Wee's leadership as President, alongside Aakarsh Singh and Yeonie Heo as Vice Presidents, and Gayoung Lee as Treasurer, UXAD experienced significant growth. In Spring 2022, the group expanded to over 100 members and organized several impactful events and campaigns.

First was the Design Trip to Expo, where UXAD members visited the Terra Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 18, 2022. They attended a talk hosted by industry design leaders, gaining valuable insights into UX product design practices in the UAE and taking away notes for their own practice of design.

Second, the"WHY? Campaign" focused on raising awareness of UX on NYUAD's campus. By collecting students' experiences and feedback on their encounters with campus facilities and infrastructure, the campaign aimed to highlight areas for improvement. The information gathered was shared with the UX team at NYU Abu Dhabi, enabling them to make informed decisions and enhance the campus experience.

Third, UXAD hosted the "Intro to UX" workshop, led by Sabera Chowdhury, the assistant director of UX at NYUAD. The event was held in the StartAD room on April 27th, 2022. It provided an interactive introduction to the field of UX. Over 40 students and one faculty member participated, gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of UX in everyday interactions and the potential for improvement. The participants also got to collaboratively critique and redesign the NYUAD Student Portal.

Lastly, UXAD organized an "Intro to Figma" workshop, teaching students the basics of this essential design tool. Participants discovered the benefits of using templates and online resources to overcome design challenges. Through hands-on activities, they gained practical experience in creating their own designs and prototypes.

UXAD was also active in the Fall 2022 semester, hosting events which included an "Intro to UX" session led by Pauline Wee and a collaboration with the CDC (Career Development Center) to explore the relationship between product management and UX. These initiatives enriched the learning experiences of NYUAD students and contributed to the growth of the UX design community.

After operating for two successful semesters, UXAD transitioned into the Design Collective, led by Pauline Wee and Tonia Zhang, to further expand its scope and encompass multiple design disciplines. The transition allowed for broader collaboration and exploration of various design fields beyond UX.

Through its activities and initiatives, UXAD made a significant impact in promoting UX awareness, education, and industry collaboration among NYUAD students, while also contributing to the advancement of the UX design ecosystem in the UAE. Its website remains at

User Experience Abu Dhabi (UXAD) was a student interest group and community founded by Pauline Wee at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). With a passionate membership of over 100 NYUAD students, UXAD aimed to raise awareness, maturity, and the overall level of user experience (UX) design on campus and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The group organized various activities, including workshops, events, and case competitions, to foster learning, teaching, and collaboration in the field of UX and digital product design.

UXAD had four main objectives. First, they aimed to hold UX Talks, Events, and Projects, facilitating discussions, presentations, and collaborations to expose students to UX design. Second, UXAD advocated for effective UX design by raising awareness about UX principles and methodologies, with the goal of improving user experiences across different platforms and services. Third, they aimed to build a supply of talented product designers within the NYUAD community by equipping students with skills through workshops and events. Lastly, UXAD sought to develop awareness and understanding of UX in the UAE by fostering a community of passionate individuals and fostering collaborations with local UI/UX professionals.


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